Congratulations to all those who finished the Mt. Fuji Marathon!

Race results and Finisher’s Certificates can be accessed from the following links.
Please note that these results/certificates are only for the 42km Marathon category. (The Charity Fun Run 12km was not timed so there are no results for this race.)

Your race results can be checked from here:

The website is in Japanese so here are some instructions on how to look up your results.

*If the above screens are too small and don’t expand on your smartphone, click on the screen and hold for a few seconds to either download them to your smartphone or to view it in a different window and then try to expand it. Otherwise you can download the PDF version from the link at the very bottom of this page.

Finisher’s Certificates with times and splits for the 42km race can be downloaded from here:

Again, here the website is in Japanese so here are some instructions on how to download your certificate.

In case the above instructions are difficult to see on your smartphone, here is a link to a PDF version of the instructions as well:
Results Lookup & Finisher’s Certificate Download Instructions

PLEASE NOTE: At this point in time, the results are still preliminary until the official results have been checked, finalized and announced. Thank you for your patience!